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Are you tired of making mutiple passes on stock in order to complete a molding project? The Logosol molder/planer is designed to be an efficient, accurate four-sided machine capable of handling large or small jobs. Check out these features!

  • 4-sided moulding/planing
  • Large Capacity - 10 1/4 X 4" on all 4 sides
  • Small footprint - 43" X 35"
  • Easily reset to next profile or dimension
  • Ten Thermoguards protect the machine
  • Large selection of reasonably priced knives, profile knives, and cutters.
  • 4 dust collector adapters - one for each cutter head
  • Safety lock on overhead door
  • Fast Setup
  • Adjustable speeds- from 11 to 52 ft/min
LOGOSOL Molder-Planer

Easily adjust the depth and width of cuts. Also, this Swedish molder is designed for quick changes of molding knives and cutter heads. It does the work of machines costing twice as much!

If you'd like to see this molder in action, or need more information just call Melvin at (207) 278-3539.

Inside of LOGOSOL Molder-Planer

Melvin says, "I'm doing in 4 hours what took 2 days to accomplish before I got the PH260!" Come see why he loves his Logosol Molder/Planer and see the lumber that he molds with it.

This machine has been doing four sided planing, and molding for over six years in Sweden and has been used by commercial woodworkers all across Europe.

Visit the LOGOSOL website!
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